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Funky_mum needs help??
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This is my story
Well what can i say about my self is that i am single mother of two boys one of whom has got special needs and they other has got behavoiural problems., so when i was growing up i was really skin until i hit my teens that when some of the weight piled on and all of my family are big people anyway, but i wanted to be that girl with a nice body, but it didn't, mum and my dad was always fighter and sometimes it got voilent and i to be the one careing for my sister and sometimes getting in the middle of my parents to stop them from really hurting each other, but most of the time i was always at my anutie's to get away from it all.

So when i reached my adult hood i was i mum at age 18years old, and the parent that i was with was voilent too so i got out and with my son being very ill at the time his dad didn't want to be apart of his life so he life my and my son, as time went on i meet a now fella and he took my son on has his own and we were together for two yeares before we decdie to have a brother or sister for my son and i did have my ither son after my 21st birthday.

I also was the youngesr person in my borough to have guoilstones and i lost 4 stine in weight because i couldn't eat much it would makr feel ill, so i had to wait for 3 years to have it removed in 2003 and i have put on weight and lost it and put it back on and the i asked my dcotor for some reductil tablets and that did work for a while and i even lost four stone but the tablet made feel rally sad and very bad headache too so i came off tem and them after a month i put some of the weight i lost back on and I also came of the pill due to me putting on to much weight on because of that, and now i have a implant in my arm and i am still gainong weight even thou i have been walking every where every day and watching what i am eating but nothing happens i lost 3lbs then put it back on, Will the evil cycle ever end

So this is where i am to day trying to lost weight??
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