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Eating chips once a week could increase prostate cancer risk by a third

www.gdaguru.com today reports that eating deep fried food like chips once a week or more could increase a man's risk of prostate cancer by a third, scientists have discovered. 20-02-2013

Fried chicken, battered fish and doughnuts can also have the same effect, they warned. Worse still, the types of tumour linked with consumption of deep fried treats tend to be more aggressive and life threatening, research showed.
The latest findings, by a team of experts in the US, suggest take-away foods and snacks may have a significant role to play in the formation of prostate cancers.
Although previous studies have suggested poor diet can affect a man's chances of getting the disease, this is the first to indicate that deep-fried convenience foods in particular pose such a big danger.

Cancer Research UK said it was too early to say for certain if there is a link between deep fried foods and prostate cancer. Oliver Childs, senior science communication officer, said:
"It's clear that a healthy diet high in fruit, vegetables and fibre and low in red meat and salt is better for overall health than one packed full of greasy fast food.
"But from this study alone, we can't be certain if there's a link between fried food and prostate cancer."
With thanks to www.telegraph.co.uk
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