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Broccoli 'helps combat PMT'

www.gdaguru.com today reports that eating lots of broccoli, sesame seeds and other plant foods rich in iron can help combat premenstrual tension (PMT) a study suggests. 28-02-2013

US researchers found women who ate foods rich in what is called non-heme iron - found in plants and supplements - were less likely to report suffering from PMT.
Elizabeth Bertone-Johnson, associate professor of public health, said: “Our findings need to be replicated in other studies. However, women at risk for PMS should make sure they are meeting the RDA for non-heme iron and zinc."

Plant foods rich in iron include broccoli, which has 1mg per 100g. However, toasted sesame seeds (14.8mg per 100g) and dried apricots (6.3mg per 100g) have much more.

With thanks to www.telegraph.co.uk

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