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Bedtime Live for Channel 4 is looking for families with children's sleep problems

A new TV series called ‘Bedtime Live’ is being made for Channel 4. It’s set to be the Channel’s biggest public health programme of 2013. The idea behind the series is to look into the issues that surround teaching children how to sleep and the variety of sleep issues children suffer with, from the everyday to the more uncommon. They will highlight how important it is to get a full night’s sleep and unravel the science behind it all with regards to sleep deprivation and also what may be holding someone back from sleeping.

They will also be looking into the best routines for putting a child to bed and helping lots of parents out there with a range of sleep issues who are tearing their hair out and have no idea where to turn.
Professor Tanya Byron, along with a team of top sleep specialists, will aid the families with bedtime during the live shows and offer on-going advice to parents who get in contact with the producers. They will continue to stay in touch with families that are filmed over the series and do their best to fix any issues,

If you are interested in having an initial chat you can call Dawn Panton on: 0207 438 4408 or email her: dawn.panton@twofour.co.uk

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