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Obesity Increases Workers' Compensation Costs
Gaining too much weight can be as bad for an employer's bottom line as it is for a person's waistline. A Duke University Medical Center analysis found that obese workers filed twice the number of workers' compensation claims, had seven times higher medical costs from those claims and lost 13 times more days of work from work injury or work illness than did nonobese workers. (01-05-2007)
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Diabetes patients live longer if their culture is taken into consideration - 'one size' does not fit all!

Newswise — Diabetes case management that takes a patient’s specific culture into consideration can help increase life expectancy and decrease the incidence of diabetes-related complications over the patient’s lifetime, a new study finds. Better management results in reduced long-term complications, such as blindness, stroke, amputation and nerve damage,” said lead researcher Todd Gilmer, Ph.D. The research focused on 3,893 people with diabetes who participated in San Diego’s Project Dulce, which set out to meet American Diabetes Association standards of care. The target population was primarily low-income, underinsured Latino people.  

Anne Elliott launches controversial diet book - "It's not rocket science"!

New author, Anne Elliott, this month launched her new diet book which is billed as a  “common sense approach to losing weight and getting healthy”. It has received influential backing - “’It’s Not Rocket Science’ could prove helpful to many people looking to manage their weight in a sensible manner” says Caroline Flint, MP & Minister of State for Health, and the book is recommended by the breast cancer charity ‘Cancerkin’ and has been featured on GMTV’s LK Today.  

Schools in deprived areas to be given pedometers as part of a ??494,000 project to motivate children to get fitter

Public Health Minister Caroline Flint has launched the National School Pedometer Programme, which will see 250 schools in deprived areas across the country be given 45,000 pedometers, to encourage children to become more active. In addition, all schools will have access to online resources that can be used inside and outside the classroom.  

Quaker and Heart Research UK to lobby government on cholesterol

Quaker and Heart Research UK are launching a joint campaign to raise awareness of the issue of raised cholesterol and to lobby the government to conduct research to assess whether the national age for free cholesterol testing on the NHS should be reduced from 50 to 35.

Food industry-backed front-of-pack nutritional signposting is 'fundamentally flawed', according to the National Heart Forum (NHF).

The pressure group claims that the scheme, which is being promoted in competition with the Food Standards Agency 'traffic light' labels, "can mislead and confuse consumers trying to choose healthier foods when they are shopping". Today's publication of the charity's findings is likely to up the stakes in the on-going battle for the hearts and minds of consumers between the UK food watchdog and industry heavyweights over nutrition labelling. 

French turn to healthier snacks

The French have embraced healthier snacking options with spending reaching €17.9 million in 2005 compared to €8.6 million in 1998, according to a report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Last year France imported $2.1 million (€1.6m) of raisins, dried figs, apricots and apples as well as dried fruit and nut mixes. The French domestic market appears to be in line with rising popularity of dried fruits worldwide with consumers mindful of obesity and the link between diet and poor health.

Doctor's best intentions fail the overweight

Newswise — Israeli doctors believe that part of their job is to encourage their patients towards a healthier lifestyle, better nutrition, exercise and avoiding smoking, but new research conducted by the School of Public Health at the University of Haifa found large gaps between this idea and its actual implementation.

Elixir - the world's first glossy magazine totally focused on the $57bn anti-ageing market goes on sale tomorrow

ELIXIR is launching at a time of exciting and unprecedented medical and scientific discoveries. Today, we are unlocking the secrets of DNA and stem cells to help fight and treat diseases. At the same time there are a bewildering array of anti-ageing and rejuvenation products and services on the market. ELIXIR will tell YOU what works and what doesn’t.

Body-for-life claims "We can beat obesity" - Timely Advice for Obesity Awareness Week March 11-17, 2007 - come and meet the Guru!

"The Body-for-LIFE Challenge changed my life and maybe saved it too.  Before I entered the Challenge I was a mess. I was headed downhill in a big way. I managed nightclubs and was drinking beer and eating junk food night after night. I was an unhealthy 260-pound, out-of-shape old guy." Says Porter Freeman, EAS Director of Body-for-LIFE.

Celebrate the ' Year of the Pig ' with Tetley Green Tea!

On 18 February, 1.3 billion people in China and around 160,000 Chinese residents in the UK begin a 15-day celebration of Chinese New Year. A truly global celebration, Chinese New Year includes many centuries-old customs. Red envelopes containing money are given to unmarried adults and children and there is the ritualistic serving of green tea on the ninth day to pay respect to an honoured person.

Fitness Expert Web chat this Friday 16th February!!

www.fathappens.com is hosting another Expert Webchat this Friday 16th February!! Our Expert is Ian Doherty who is a freelance Personal Trainer in Fitness First Derry, Northern Ireland. He has over 40 clients currently and has worked with over 60 to date since starting in 2006! 

Fears raised of plans to weigh schoolchildren as young as four could lead to bullying

Worcestershire Primary Care Trust (PCT) plans to weigh and measure the height of all reception class children and those in Year 6, aged nine and 10. It is hoped the results could help health officials monitor child obesity in the county. But one Worcester school - Northwick Manor Junior School - has already decided not to take part. 

Obesity op scandal attacked

People in Wales waiting for NHS surgery to treat obesity are dying before their operations take place due to a lack of funding, a surgeon has claimed. Patients, are being told they are not yet big enough or ill enough to have bariatric surgery.

New research proves salt reduction lowers blood pressure in children Massive population health gains possible

New research proves salt reduction lowers blood pressure in children – massive population health gains possibleThe first ever meta-analysis of salt reduction studies in children, published in the November edition of the prestigious medical journal Hypertension, demonstrates that reducing children’s salt intake by half results in immediate falls in blood pressure, which in turn could lead to major reductions in the risk of developing stroke, heart attacks and heart failure later in life[i].[i] F J He, G A MacGregor, Importance of Salt in Determining Blood Pressure in Children: Meta-analysis of controlled trials. Hypertension 2006; 48: 861-869. To view a full copy of the paper please click on the following link - http://www.worldactiononsalt.com/publications/Salt_BP_Children_Hypertension2006.pdf 

Kraft cuts salt by 9 per cent in Dairylea Lunchables in response to pressure from government & campaign groups.

Kraft said the salt reduction, completed over the last year, was part of a raft of changes to Dairylea Lunchables, including cuts in both fat and saturated fat by around a third. The Dairylea brand was targeted by campaign group, Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH), last year, which claimed the brand's Light Cheese Slices contained more salt per 100g than the Atlantic Ocean.

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