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Glucosamine fails to ease lower back pain, study suggests

www.buddypower.net today reports that daily supplements of the joint health ingredient glucosamine sulfate may not reduce measures of pain in the lower back, says a new study.

Diabetes supplement rapped for misleading claims

www.buddypower.net today reports that the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled diabetes claims for a dietary supplement are not scientifically backed and told the manufacturer the adverts must not appear.

Fight infections in children with probiotic yoghurt

www.grub4life.com today reports that a daily probiotic drink can help protect young children against infections, according to a new study.

There's no such thing as bad food, eh?

Old fashioned prejudices and financial cynicism have been driving our fight against obesity in the wrong direction. I've long thought so. Now at last there's evidence showing that society has been wasting a lot of time, effort and money, with a campaign based on ignorance.  Public health policy has been literally getting it backwards.

Cooking shows and celebrities more influential than government healthy eating campaigns

www.grub4life.com today reports that comments made by Health Minister Andrew Lansley at a conference in Brighton were critical of the ‘Jamie Oliver’ approach to increasing public awareness of health and fitness. Instead, the Minister advocated an ‘evidence-based’ solution to the nation’s health problems.

EC funds project to examine personalised nutrition

www.buddypower.net today reports that a group of international researchers is embarking on a personalised nutrition project, with the goal of identifying opportunities and limitations that this could give to different businesses.

Danone yogurt no longer on the market because of poor taste

www.buddypower.net today reports that Danone has ditched its Shape Feel Fuller for Longer yogurt because they couldn’t figure out how to create an appealing taste for consumers, though they insist there’s still a market for products promoting satiety.

Older people watch more TV, but enjoy it less

www.buddypower.net today reports that if you suspect your parent or upstairs neighbour would get more out of life if they’d turn off their TVs, you could be on to something, according to new research.

Bicycle riding and brisk walking associated with less weight gain in women

www.buddypower.net today reports that bicycling and brisk walking are associated with less weight gain among pre-menopausal women according to a report in the June 28 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. It also appears that slower walking does not appear to offer the same benefits as brisk walking.

Consumers confused in the supermarkets

www.buddypower.net today reports that research from the UK is showing that weight management messages on food are often not understood by consumers, which suggests that food manufacturers may need to re-think their marketing approach.

Omega-3 shows benefits against ‘oxidative stress’: Study

www.buddypower.net today reports that over production of these ROS from smoking, pollution, sunlight, high intensity exercise, or simply ageing, may overwhelm the body’s antioxidant defences and lead to oxidative stress.

Foods to keep in mind for a nutritious diet

www.buddypower.net today reports that an intense workout at the gym calls for a reward of something sweet later on for many people.  However, we cannot forget that losing weight involves both the workout and the nutrition.

High-dose stanols more effective for cholesterol cuts

www.buddypower.net today reports that a daily dose of plant stanols four times that of current recommendations may be an even more effective way of reducing cholesterol, says a new study from Dutch and German scientists.

Men shying away from routine medical appointments in the US

www.buddypower.net today reports that just over half of U.S. men  see a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant for routine care, compared to nearly three-quarters of women, according to the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Routine care is typically defined as a visit for assessing overall health rather than one prompted by a specific illness or complaint.

Resveratrol’s heart health benefits pinpointed?

www.buddypower.net today reports that resveratrol – a compound in red wine - may be influencing both blood vessel function and the function of fat cells, say new studies which may help explain its heart health benefits.

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