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Wartime Health Hero to the Rescue

During the 2nd World War health experts recommended women made rosehip syrup by picking the hedgerow fruit to help top up their families vitamin levels, because ships carrying fresh fruit were being sunk. 01-06-2012

Whilst fresh fruit is now readily available, new research is showing the humble rosehip has a plethora of additional health properties and, thanks to the launch of a new product range this month, you no longer have to pick your own berries to experience these health boosting benefits for yourself…

Recent research has dramatically added to the supported health benefits of rosehips with research published over the last few months confirming that the fruit contains an extremely powerful class of anti-oxidants, called polyphenols, and the fruit seems capable of giving the immune system a serious boost. Strong evidence has also suggested that fruit extracts have ant-inflammatory properties with researchers suggesting it could play a role in helping with inflammatory conditions 6. Research has even shown the fruit may help with kidney stones .

The best way to benefit from Rose Hip

Whilst you could go out and pick your own rosehips to make a syrup, you no longer have to thanks to a new product called Belle+ , which has launched this month and contains three rosehip syrups specially formulated for women, with either added Iron, Omega 3 or Vitamin D. For more details please visit www.phytacol.com

The same company also produce a rosehip syrup for children called Belrosa, which has recently launched in selected Waitrose stores.

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