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Finally a 0.00% alternative to premium beer-Equator

A totally new product for discerning fans of premium beer which has been on shelves since the start of the year. 

Equator looks like a premium beer but unlike most low alcohol beers, it really is 0.00%. This means it has zero alcohol, zero calories and zero sugar.

Whether catching up with friends, at a party or catching a film, Equator’s zero alcohol means you can stay on top of your game and well clear of drink driving limits without consuming endless glasses of fruit juice or fizzy soft drinks. Think of it as a premium beer with no compromise and it is calorie free - it's a no brainer as the drink of choice for ladies, the diet coke of the beer world!

Available in 4 packs with an RSP of £2.99 exclusively in the beer aisle at Tesco, beer fans will be able to give Equator a ‘dry run’ at home or at the next party they have to drive to.

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