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New, local, sustainable Devon business captures taste buds

The tastes of ‘Old English Potted Crab’ and ‘Smoked Mackerel with Horseradish’ are the first two in a range of new recipes heading onto supermarket shelves. They come from the Potted Fish Company, originally started by food lover Jonathan Bailey when he was a Devon teenager. Now, after a year selling on local markets, delis and specialist shops across the south coast and London, the brand has been adopted by Sainsbury’s. Two of Jonathan’s potted fish products are now available from most big Sainsbury stores.16-04-2012

The business is built on sustainable and charitable credentials – Jonathan works with small local Devon suppliers and uses only traceable and sustainable ingredients and 10% of their profits go to charity – 2.5% to the sustainable fish Charity and 2.5% to a cancer charity his uncle founded and the further 5% is going into a pot to train young people and fund new food business ventures.  “The original three potted crab recipes smoked paprika, chilli and old English, were extremely popular at local markets,” said Jonathan. “This prompted me, with support of friends and family, to develop more flavours and recipes, and expand the business. Soon, a whole range from potted products to ready meals and snacks will be available at delis and specialist shops thought out the UK. From February 2012 Sainsbury’s stores will also be selling ‘old English potted crab’ and ‘smoked mackerel with horseradish’. This development has allowed the company to grow from small farm kitchen to the new premises that is nearly 6000 sq. ft. with a number of new staff!

Devon has a good supply of great fish and a wealth of local produce. The south Devon crab is claimed to the best in the best in the world. Potted Fish Company crab and mackerel are available in 100 gram containers from selected delis and shops, including Sainsbury’s, for around £3.00.

Source: - http://www.pottedfish.co.uk/ 

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