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Extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil – hailed as the new super food

The golden fields of Cotswold Gold rape have revealed their greatest health secret of their harvest. Once cold pressed, rapeseed produces an oil which apart from being a cook’s best friend, is high in Omegas 3, 6 and 9, is high in Vitamin E, has half the saturated fat of olive oil and is low in Cholesterol (0.1%).22-02-2012

Charlie Bedlam, owner of Cotswold Gold www.cotswoldgold.co.uk, has been producing this super food on his family farm for the last two years and says ‘The aim was to produce healthy oil that can meet all culinary needs. Cotswold Gold is a natural extra virgin rapeseed oil, extracted by traditional cold pressing. This preserves the unique natural health benefits and gives the oil its vibrant golden colour.’

Cotswold Gold is suitable for all types of food preparation – drizzle it over salads and savour its nutty, fresh taste or use it for roasting, frying or any other form of high temperature cooking.  The smoke point of extra virgin rapeseed oil is 230 degrees, compared to the 190 degrees offered by extra virgin olive oil.   The oil is a favourite with professional cooks, has been selected by Raymond Blanc for use in his kitchens

and cookery school and is used in demonstrations for perfect mayonnaise by James Martin. 
Low in food miles, all waste product from the production process is converted into a renewable energy thus allowing the company to be carbon neutral whilst operating a near zero waste policy.
Charlie Bedlam continues ‘Cotswold Gold has significant health benefits and is good for the environment; it’s made in Britain and tastes great’.

Cotswold Gold benefits include:
• High in Omegas 3,6 and 9
• High in Vitamin E
• Less than half the saturated fat of olive oil
• The oil is 100% British and produced with very low food miles - the rapeseed is grown and processed all ‘on farm’
• Low in cholesterol (0.1%)
• G.M. free
• Suitable for high temperature repeat cooking to salad dressing and everything in between
• Has a unique and delicious flavour/colour


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