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We are giving away 30 Copies of, How to Give a Baby the Best Start for Life with fahappens.com


let go of their minds, and encourage them to put the love back into childbirth.
This book simplifies the whole issue of preparing for and increasing a couple’s chances of pregnancy, and helping them to understand the extraordinary range of issues surrounding natural childbirth. It uncovers the physical, emotional and mental aspects for both the mother and father, while always focusing on the baby’s wellness and how to give their child the best possible start in life.
Written in everyday language by Natural Health Consultant, Practitioner and Speaker Vivien Clere Green, Wellness Our Birthright is the result of both personal and professional experiences of giving birth to five children (including twins at the age of 42) using the methods described in her book, together with those of the hundreds of women Vivien has helped in her consultancy practice. Combining extensive academic research, it looks at the health and wellbeing of both parents starting from before conception, and covers all the major steps of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early motherhood.
“All my research and experience confirms that overall ‘wellness’ involves both body and mind, and that the passage of life (starting before conception) is critical in determining how an individual’s physical and mental health and emotional stability will develop," explains Vivien Clere Green. “What is also clear is that many parents are unaware of the legacy they may unwittingly be passing on to their children, and the difference the right choices can make to their future.”
Among the key areas covered by Wellness Our Birthright are:
• A Wellness Action Plan combining diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and environmentWellness Our Birthright Vivien Clere Green ISBN978-1-59930-020-7.jpg
• Pre-pregnancy – including a six-month roadmap prior to conception
• Pregnancy – creating the perfect situation for the unborn baby to flourish
• Birth – and how this can affect the baby throughout its entire adult life
• The critical hour immediately following birth, when the baby and his or her mother form their bonds together
• Early motherhood – including breastfeeding and how to give the baby the greatest possible wellness
“Today we are confronted from all directions with confusing and often conflicting information. What to eat in pregnancy? When to come off the pill? How to deal with difficulty in conceiving, or cope with the fear of pain at childbirth,” continues Vivien Clere Green. “I wanted to provide reliable, easy-to-understand answers, and enable the journey into parenthood to be joyful, fulfilling and free from needless concerns.
“I believe passionately that people have the right to understand the natural process of childbirth, rather than the medical event it has unfortunately become. Then, parents can make informed choices about what is best for their baby – and for themselves.”
“For many years Vivien has been practising as a natural health consultant as well as basing her own and her family’s life on the same principles,” says Dr. Yehudi Gordon, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Author. “Vivien walks the walk as well as talking the talk. The issues raised in this book are optimistic, and its emphasis is very much on eating well, exercising and having an optimistic outlook to birth and parenting. I enjoyed reading the book.”
Wellness Our Birthright is published by LifeSuccess Publishing, priced £14.95. For more information or to purchase a copy, please visit www.viviencleregreen.com.

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