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eurodiet competition

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Sound Nutritional Support Pre and Post Surgery 
The eurodietTM programme for gastric surgery
Whether it be through surgery or diet, taking the first all important steps to be in control of your weight will help you lead a healthier, longer and happier life. Gastric surgery involves surgical alterations to the stomach and/or small intestine ensuring you consume significantly less food and therefore fewer calories, making very low calorie diets (VLCD) the norm for most people pre and post surgery. However, it must be stressed that surgery does not cure obesity but is simply a tool to lose weight. Successful weight loss depends on your ability to make dietary and lifestyle changes before and after surgery which is where eurodiet can really help.
Why use eurodiet pre-surgery
Several studies have shown that reducing your preoperative weight with a calorie controlled diet prior to the operation may lead to many health improvements such as decreased water retention, improved blood pressure and blood glucose regulation, all of which are important before major surgery. In addition, weight loss before surgery can make the surgical procedure easier to perform, and reduce the risk of complications.
Some studies have shown that adjusting to a nutritionally complete low calorie diet before surgery may lead to a quicker recovery compared to those who must make this adjustment after surgery. Adhering to a structured diet before surgery may help to prepare you mentally for the highly restricted postoperative diet they must follow.
The eurodiet programme can be tailor made for those planning on undergoing surgery as we offer over 50 delicious products, all of which are nutritionally complete, low calorie and low carbohydrate.  A suggested 6 week programme consisting of phase 1 and 2, achieves significant weight loss whilst retaining lean body mass and providing the nutrition needed for healing post surgery. 
The importance of nutrition after surgery: how eurodiet helps meet your needs.
Weight loss surgery results in weight loss because it reduces the amount of calories you can physically consume due to restricted stomach size. The limiting capacity of the stomach/small intestine means you can only consume foods in small amounts and in easily digestible form, especially early after surgery.  As a result, it is important to select foods of high nutritional quality with adequate protein and key nutrients in small portion sizes. Your healthcare team may suggest nutritional supplements to help add important nutrients which may be lacking in order to aid healing and meet your nutritional needs. 
The eurodiet range of products are highly suitable for use post surgery because they are formulated to provide complete nutrition as a sole source diet, or as supplements for other foods.  Our product range of sweet and savoury products are not just restricted to bars and shakes but an assortment of textures and flavours enabling you to achieve the nutrition you need whilst maintaining variety and enjoyment of food.
Team eurodiet
eurodiet has a dedicated support team of nurses and nutritionists accessible FREE OF CHARGE through our call centre and are on hand to offer you advice 7 days a week. We are committed to helping you lose weight but more importantly we aim to help you keep the weight loss permanent and guide you through the diet, exercise plans and lifestyle changes necessary for healthy lifelong weight maintenance. 
For more information visit our website at www.eurodietuk.com or call us today on 0870 990 8 911 to speak to one of our team. 
eurodiet competition
eurodiet is offering one lucky member the opportunity of winning a FREE 12 week weight management programme worth over £1000!
Click on this link http://www.eurodietuk.com/fathappens.php to enter this fantastic competition now! As well as special offers for Fathappens members.

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