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To help you enjoy great home cooked food the whole family will love to eat we’ve created over 200 recipes especially for GDAguru members,  and we’ve given them the GDA treatment so you know exactly how many calories and how many grams of fat, saturates, sugar and salt is in the food you cook at home.If you’re stuck for something to make for the kids tea tonight, looking for ...

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You had 50 chances to win THE 7-DAY GL DIET and this is what you thought

GL, or Glycaemic Load, gets better results than GI (Glycaemic Index) because it helps you manage the quality AND the quantity of the food you eat. For example, on a GI diet chocolate is off the menu because a single bar of chocolate and thorsons.jpga truckload of chocolate have the same bad rating. It's a different story on GL: you can cheat a little and still enjoy your chocolate fix. This diet is so easy and so indulgent that you'll hardly notice you are on it until your unwanted pounds disappear.


THE 7-DAY GL DIET is published by Harper Thorsons priced at £6.99 paperback http://www.harpercollins.co.uk/books/default.aspx?id=34928   * ALL the recipes take 10 minutes or less to prepare 

 * You can drop a size in 10 days

 * Recipes really are fantastic (and cater for veggies as well) – you won’t know you are on a diet until you start to lose weight

 * The diet that fits around your life and doesn’t eat into your time or social life. It’s about what is right for you, not the diet!

 * No rigid rules but there is a 10-day planner to get you started. 7 day gl diet.jpgIn addition to helping you lose weight, The GL Diet Made Easy also has impressive health benefits – GL has been scientifically proven to help people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, PCOS, high blood pressure, and is also the ideal diet to follow if you’re going through the menopause.

With The GL Diet Made Easy you can become healthier, slimmer and still eat the food you love!

You had 50 chances to win THE 7-DAY GL DIET and this is what you thought



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