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We are giving away free CoffeeSLENDER to 8 lucky winners


That is right, we are giving away free CoffeeSLENDER to 8 lucky winners.  All we ask the winners to do is to drink 3 cups of the coffee a day after meals, as part of a calorie controlled diet and to report back the findings at the end.  Needless to say, you must be a coffee lover!
CoffeeSLENDER was developed in Norway four years ago, and has become one of Norway’s best selling diet products. It is now available in the UK, recently launched in larger Boots stores nationwide and at all good independent Health Food Shops, as well as online at www.CoffeeSlender.co.uk or call 0845 094 6284.Coffee-Slender-3.jpg
CoffeeSLENDER contains regular instant coffee and an extract from decaffeinated, raw green coffee beans. Several clinical trials have been run and the published results have shown that it has been an effective aid to weight management as part of a diet.  Full details of the studies can be found on our website (see above).  Since the green coffee extract is decaffeinated, the drink contains about the same levels of caffeine as normal coffee, but if you are sensitive to coffee, we also have a decaffeinated tablet version of it as well.  You can even add milk (and sugar) as normal!
The public and media are getting really excited about this effective product which works by reducing the absorption of glucose from carbohydrates, thus helping to regulate blood sugar levels. In last week’s Sunday Mirror  trialist drinking it, lost 10lbs in 6 weeks, whilst a Daily Mail trialist lost 11lbs in a month!  Naturally, your results may vary.  CoffeeSLENDER was also featured on Channel 4’s “Cook Yourself Thin” in the summer and all 4 drinkers lost weight, beating the control group by 55%. 
In order to enter, please tell us in 100 words or less why you should be given the chance to win. Email your entries to info@CoffeeSlender.co.uk . Closing date for entries is 5pm Friday 18th January.  Please put “Buddypower Competition” in the Subject header.  The judges will then select the winners, and in 6 weeks the winners must agree to report back their findings.  What a great way to shape up  after Christmas and good luck!  For a full copy of the rules, please email us at info@CoffeeSlender.co.uk.

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