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You tried GI Sense Peanut Bars & Body Perfect with Bio-synergy and this is what you thought!

bio-synergy-logo.gifBio-synergy's new, improved GI Sense Bars will boost your energy while keeping your blood sugar levels stable - meaning you can keep going for longer. Unlike other snack bars, these have no hydrogenated fats, but are instead packed with protein rich soya to stabilise blood sugar levels and fit in with a low GI lifestyle - as recommended by doctors.Bio Peanut Bars.gif
GI Sense Peanut and Almond Bars make a great on-the-run breakfast and are brilliant to keep in the car, in case you need a snack while travelling. And if you need a nibble before going to the gym, these will fill you up without being so heavy you suffer cramping during your work out. They make the perfect post work out snack as they refuel the body with proteins and carbohydrates.
GI Sense Peanut and Almond Bars are available from Tesco's
Body Perfect
If you’ve decided it’s time to lose weight or want to banish the flab to show-off your muscle development then Bio-Synergy’s Body Perfect is the slimming pill you are looking for. This totally herbal, natural capsule will stimulate fat loss and sculpt your body to perfection.
The key ingredients which Make it Happen in Body Perfect are Green Tea, L-tyrosine and Citrus Aurantium. Body Perfect promotes weight loss through thermo genesis - which can accelerate calorie burning, fat mobilisation and breakdown body fat.bodyperfect.bmp
For centuries green tea has been a staple in the Far East and recently Western medicine has recognized its many health benefits. It’s effect on boosting immunity, in preventing cancer and as an antioxidant are far reaching. It’s also highly effective in reducing ‘bad’ cholesterol. But it’s also proved a great aid for weight loss - by both increasing the rate at which fat is burnt and also reducing the absorption of calories from the diet.
Recommended Use:
Two capsules to be taken with breakfast, avoid taking later in the day. A maximum of 4 capsules to be consumed per day.
When to use:
These capsules will enhance your healthy eating plan and support your exercise work to enhance your fat loss. They can be used with no change to your diet or lifestyle but the best results will be seen if used in combination.Body Perfect is available at Argos, Freemans or Grattans.You can call 0207 569 2528 or check out the Website www.bio-synergy.co.uk
But we teamed up with Bio-synergy to offer 50 lucky www.fathappens.com members the chance to win a GI Sense Peanut Bars and Body Perfect and this is what you thought!

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