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Alastair Hendy www.mushroom-uk.com.
Top food write Alastair Hendy says “Mushroom’s are Monday’s fast food you have to do little to them or with them to make them a very good and easy supper”
Alastair Hendy www.mushroom-uk.com.'s profile
NOP research shows that Monday is the most popular day of the week to ditch the weekend stodge and eat healthily. As a result, one of the UK’s favourite and healthiest vegetables – the mushroom – has been given the celebrity seal of approval as “Monday’s new fast food”.
Top TV chefs and stars, lovers of this humble, but versatile, vegetable have decided to share with the nation their favourite healthy speedy suppers for ‘Mushroom Mondays’.
Eating healthily often means compromising on taste and flavour but mushrooms are an appetising solution to fans of comfort food.  Perfect for busy lives too, as meat and fish often take a while to prepare and cook but mushrooms can be chopped and cooked quickly into a delicious risotto, creamy stroganoff, warming soup or tasty omelette in minutes. And, despite being low fat, low GI and low cholesterol, they are not low on taste. 
Mushrooms pack a powerful nutritional punch of essential vitamins and minerals, whilst hardly affecting the calorie count. They also contain significant quantities of several B vitamins, including thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), pyridoxine (B6), niacin, folate and copper.
They also score highly for their total antioxidant content, comparing well with other vegetables such as red peppers and spinach. They contain a particularly powerful antioxidant L-Ergothioneine, with 12 times more of this antioxidant than wheat germ and four times more than chicken liver - two foods which were previously thought to be the most prolific sources.
Try more  delicious and nutritious recipes at www.mushroom-uk.com.

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