Over 200 delicious GDA recipes are just a click away………
To help you enjoy great home cooked food the whole family will love to eat we’ve created over 200 recipes especially for GDAguru members,  and we’ve given them the GDA treatment so you know exactly how many calories and how many grams of fat, saturates, sugar and salt is in the food you cook at home.If you’re stuck for something to make for the kids tea tonight, looking for ...
About the GDA Diet book

The GDA Diet – the diet for everyone

One of the questions I’m asked most often, by clients, journalists, in TV interviews or by friends, is: ‘What is the ultimate diet?’ Of course, the truth is there is no one diet that’s perfect for everyone. The ultimate diet for each of us is the one that is safe, that works and that we can maintain for a lifetime. In short, the diet that suits each person as an individual will be slightly different, because of course we are all different.
Having said that, there are certain features that are essential for a diet to be safe, healthy and successful. The GDA Diet ticks all the ’ultimate’ requirements:
• It’s safe
• It works
• It suits men and women
• There are no banned foods
• It’s simple and easy to understand
• There are only familiar foods, no fancy ingredients to worry about
• The GDAs help you to adapt the way you eat to lose weight, maintain your weight loss and be healthy. It’s an eating plan for life!

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